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Log management provides a single view of all log data from your entire stack, giving your team a real-time understanding of what’s happening with your applications.

All modern software keeps a log of what’s going on: events, transactions, errors, usage statistics, performance metrics, network traffic, security issues, and much more.

Every component of your application writes logs, enabling efficient troubleshooting and operational intelligence. By default, these logs sit in a file on a local hard drive.

In today’s world of cloud computing and modularized, distributed systems, accessing log data is a challenge. And running tens or hundreds of machines with many different application components multiplies the risk that one of them will start malfunctioning.

A “Single Source of Truth” for Modern Software

Loggly enables you to collect and aggregate the logs from all your systems across your network(s) and store them in one central, accessible place.

Loggly makes it easy for your teams to share one view of all system logs, which is crucial for efficient communication in organizations that are implementing DevOps and continuous integration. Developers and ops team members can centrally view and analyze log data without accessing the actual systems themselves, which increases security and eases credential management.

Loggly Focuses Your Development Resources on What You Do Best

Running a successful software business is hard. Building and running your own log management system is equally hard, but it doesn’t make you any better at your core business.

Loggly takes this painful chore and turns it into a reliable, scalable service. We save you money and keep your development team focused on the features that are important to your customers and unique to you.

The Value of Logging as a Service

  • Lower operational costs
  • Faster troubleshooting with best-in-class log analysis
  • Elastic scale and greater reliability through cloud efficiencies
  • More development resources available for your product

How Loggly Works

Loggly is a cloud-based service that receives and aggregates the logs from all your systems and components. Your logs are sent to Loggly via the Internet, using standard technologies that are part of most systems.

Loggly parses your data at ingestion time and provides your teams with a cohesive, structured view and valuable insights. Its versatile data analysis and visualization capabilities, combined with sophisticated search functions, give you a real-time understanding of what’s going on across your systems.

Loggly reveals what matters to you and gives you the tools to surface the important data points. It can automatically detect and alert you about specific log events, statistical aggregations, and anomalies.