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Mainternance Services

Stop struggling with IT matters, leave it on our shoulders

Hardware Mainternance

We provide a range of hardware maintenance service contracts to suit all types of IT hardware, from servers and storage systems, to networks and PCs ...

  • What we do is help you get the right type of tailored hardware maintenance solution to suit your environment and the unique mix of technology that you require maintenance for.
  • We provide comprehensive, vendor-agnostic server support and maintenance services to protect server hardware from a range of OEMs. Using vendor certified tools, techniques and routines, We ensures that your servers continue to operate at peak performance – even after the OEM warranty has expired and vendors have declared them EoSL.

Mainternance Support

Our hardware maintenance service helps you avoid downtime through proactive technical service planning and facilitates quick recovery.

  • High responsiveness with 24:7 live transfer to senior product support specialists and four hour onsite hardware response 365 days per year.
  • Technical account manager providing proactive support.
  • Local customer support management.
  • Multi-vendor software support problem management.
  • Advanced systems monitoring capabilities with predictive failure reporting.
  • Availability of global coverage for system support at a consistently high quality level.
  • World-class support expertise.
  • Access to patch releases & new revisions of OS (where available).

Reduced Downtime

Faulty or failed equipment affects productivity and your business’s bottom line. Our Hot Swap/Spare Program replaces your technology quickly with identical equi

  • Proactive system monitoring allows our experienced engineers to identify and resolve problems long before they result in a system outage. And if a hardware failure is imminent, our team can arrange for spares to be delivered and fitted in as little as four hours so that your business can return to full operating capacity as quickly as possible.
  • Our consultants also perform regular server maintenance to keep equipment in top condition, reducing downtime and improving system availability. A strict maintenance regime is critical to extending the lifespan of each system.

Don’t let your business suffer due to IT issues

Minimize downtime for servers, network, PCs, and other office devices. Thus optimize the operation of IT infrastructure for increased productivity and profitability

SUPPORT 24/7/365

Live 24/7. Our experienced support engineers are on hand to rapidly assess and solve support issues, anytime, anywhere, whenever you need it.


Quickly response to requirements of customers for solution consulting, customer support for selecting valuable solutions which fall in the right need of customers.


Our team of engineers and specialist were enriched professional training and depth experienced. We provide optimal solutions according to actual customer requirements


Proactive approach to reducing downtime, solving hardware problems, we will provide you with a temporary machine while the failed machine is repaired or replaced.


Specially formed up from senior experience and knowledge in ICT services for enterprise, also we updated and inherited solutions succeeded in domestic and world.


Attaining total confidence within the corporate business world as a business house that provides genuine products at reasonable prices is our vision.

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