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Save time and effort of manual tasks by automating the collection, storage and archiving of logs and events. Analyze for suspicious activities and automatically generate compliance reports.

Simplify Audit Preparation

Get push-button reports for regulatory compliance mandates imposed by HIPAA, SOX, FISMA, PCI, MiFID, Basel II and others.

Be ready for regulatory submissions with compliance-centric reporting. Easily convert archived raw log data into actionable intelligence for managers, security and compliance officers with automated filtering, correlation, reporting and translation capabilities. Log Management Suite integrates with WhatsUp Gold and is sold as a standalone application.

Gain Security Intelligence

Automatically analyze logs for suspicious activities, and commonly audited access and permission changes. Set alerts on key phrases.

Analyze logs to quickly detect and alert on unauthorized activity and security threats. Track, alert and report on commonly audited event types like access and permission changes to Files, Folders, and Objects. Collect the most common log types such as Syslog, Microsoft event or W3C/IIS log to help you identify potential threat incidents. Protect access to key information like employee records, patient or financial information — and enforce your network security policies.

Save Time and Minimize Errors

Automatically collect, store, archive and back-up Syslog, Windows events, or W3C/IIS logs from across your infrastructure.

Save the time and effort of manual tasks by automating the process of collecting, storing and archiving log files across your infrastructure. Consolidate log files over WAN links into a single, central database. Automatically manage custom (in addition to Core 6) Windows Event logs, including archived Syslog files, and WC3/IIS logs.